Anwesha Kolkata

Anwesha Kolkata is a well known organization in the field of disability in West Bengal. It is an organization of parents and well wishers of children and persons with hearing impairment. Few parents looking for answers to children’s inherent issues in different spheres of life – hearing, speech, language, education, socialization and inclusion got together and shared their worries and aspirations and learn from one another. They slowly discovered that together they could be stronger and can help other children and their families with our collective knowledge, skill, experience and understanding.
Through Early Intervention and Preschool Programme deaf child is prepared for formal education and inclusion in the mainstream society.the residual hearing of a deaf child through use of amplification device. In this programme, a child develops listening skills, learns language and develops oral communications skills. Over the years, the child is also introduced to literacy and numeracy. BONDHU is a group of vibrant youths who believe that they have right to enjoy a barrier free life and should be able to enjoy human rights on an equal basis with others. They dream for a society free of discriminations, for people with deafness and for everyone.