Calcutta Social Project

The inception of CSP work in Kolkata slums began in 1969. The Founder, Mrs. Kalyani Karlekar, having retired from the West Bengal Education Service, started distributing re-conditioned powdered milk obtained as a gift from the Indian Red Cross Society, to children in the slums of Manoharpukur, Panditia and Garcha areas in South Calcutta.Subsequently, she obtained milk under the Special Child Nutrition Program (SCNP) from the Government of West Bengal and continued the work with some socially committed persons under the umbrella of what was called “Rashbehari Social Project”, named after the road on which her house stood. Socialization, self-expression and personality development are guiding principles of CSP work as it reaches beyond the catchments of the city’s formal school system to serve the young who are excluded. CSP educational programs cover primary schooling, non-formal schooling and remedial & education support thereof up to middle and secondary schooling.

Access to education is the most tenuous among Kolkata’s more than a million strong street dwelling populations. CSP Street Education Centers are learning ambience and family helpline rolled in one – providing the children and their families with the underpinning of a cared for childhood.