Disha Foundation

Disha is a non-governmental organization which provides assistance to marginalized children, youth and women from the Manoharpukur slum area in Kolkata, in spheres of education, health and capacity building. In 1992, a domestic help asked Ms.Neena Singh for a personal loan to send her son to after-school tuition. Disha was conceived at that moment as the veteran educator realised that the children of socioeconomically challenged sections of society need remedial education even more than those who can afford tuition and coaching classes. Disha supports a child through various stages of education, from 2 to 18 years of age. Disha encourages and sponsors higher education in professional courses as well as vocational training facilities to make young people job-ready and spur self-development and awareness. Disha has taken into its fold married and unmarried women as well as drop-out girls from the Manoharpukur slums and imparted to them skills such as crochet, stitching and making paper bags, thus making them capable of self-employment.