Iswar Sankalpa

Iswar Sankalpa began its work in 2007 with its community-based outreach programme. This project is guided by the philosophy that a homeless person with mental illness can be successfully treated within the community with support of its people, supplemented by pharmacological and psychotherapeutic intervention administered by professionals.

Naya Daur’s team of mental health professionals have been working within Kolkata to reach a segment of society that the city has forsaken for far too long. As part of the outreach programme, the Iswar Sankalpa team realised that homeless women with psychosocial disabilities who live and reside on the streets are vulnerable to different kinds of abuse. Consequently, the shelter for urban homeless women with psychosocial disabilities – Project Sarbari, was started on April 2010 in collaboration with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. In 2015, night shelter for urban homeless men with psychosocial disabilities – Project Marudyan – was started with a growing understanding that men on the streets are also vulnerable to abuse and in need of a therapeutic space to serve as productive members of society. Recently,, Crust & Core, a training unit – cum – cafe was started to help beneficiaries attain a sustainable source of income and a respectable space in the society.