Dhyan Foundation Kolkata Chapter

Creation like anything else that is orderly rests on certain fundamental laws which cannot be broken, the ‘Law of Karma’ being the foremost. Even the gods are bound by this law and no one is above it.

Service and Charity is the cornerstone of Dhyan Foundation. Animal Welfare forms an integral part of the many initiatives we have undertaken to help aid creation. The volunteers rescue, rehabilitate and take care of any animal in need, and have started dedicated programs for cows, dogs, monkeys and birds.

Kolkata Sanjog Initiative

Sanjog is a technical resource organization. It provides support to states. It helps practitioners develop high quality services and interventions. It works for equity for women, men and transgendered persons; for rich and poor; for people at the centre and at the periphery. It works against all forms of abuse, violence and exploitation. The key focus is towards adolescents and youth as change agents.Through their programmes they are a member of the National Interministerial Convergence committee on anti-trafficking.

Rehabilitation processes for trafficking victims are implemented by multiple agencies, from rescue in destination points to family reunification at source points. Their programs aims to engender economic self-sufficiency in young women, especially survivors of trafficking, who return home to rural areas